A Shakespearean Tragedy In The Making?

Today was, methinks, the first act in what may well turn out to be a new tragic drama of Shakespearean proportions.  It's called "Dave vs. The Crabgrass."  You see, despite the 10 cubic yards of topsoil and the new grass seed and the resulting wonderfully dense turf and the preemergent herbicide, this year we have a bumper crop of crabgrass, which I happen to think is as ugly as sin.  So, after some research on the Internet, this morning (now that it's cooled down), the lawn received a treatment with Drive 75, a relatively new herbicide that is purported to get rid of the crabgrass while leaving the turf intact.  We shall see … with my luck with such things, the lawn will think I've hit it with Roundup or Triox and act accordingly.  Since you need to use a sticker-spreader with it, I now have that too and will use it with my other sprays.

On the other hand, we have roses!  The new Double Delight tree in the back yard garden has opened its first bloom, beautiful and wonderfully fragrant (interesting that the second to be planted is the first to bloom).  Other roses in bloom today are Gertrude Jekyll, Peace, Red Ribbons, and Winchester Cathedral.  All of the roses got a good spraying of Mancozeb and Funginex this morning, combined with the new sticker-spreader.  It certainly seems to have helped get more even coverage on the leaves.  In the non-rose world, the Abelia is still going strong.  The Hydrangea has opened up a single blue snowball, not surprising given that I had to cut them down to the ground in the spring after the late frost.

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