When It Gets Too Humid …

… the air actually starts to liquify.  Or so it seems, what with all of the rain over the last few days and all.  I shouldn't complain; the lawn was starting to go brown even with my sprinklers, and it's not as if the rain is unwelcome, but between the rain and the humidity, the world just seems to be a soggy place.  Between showers, I went out into the garden and discovered that the roses decided to go right on blooming even though I haven't been out to observe them.  The Double Delight standard in the front yard garden has (finally!) given us its first flower since planting.  Melody Parfumee, Pat Austin, and Queen Elizabeth also had beautiful, albeit very soggy blossoms for us today.  The landscaper did show up last Friday to put down the previously mentioned topsoil.  He went a little overboard — about half the lawn is now covered with fresh topsoil!  After reading him the riot act, there wasn't much left for me to do but go get more seed and reseed the lawn yet again.  Word to the wise — Pennington seed is coated with a fungicide which is fine, but it's also got a green dye that gets all over your hands if you seed by hand as I do.  If you're going to do that, wear gloves — the damned stuff doesn't wash off!  I've heard about the "good hands" people but the "green hands" people?  Sheesh! Embarassed Here's one of today's particularly lovely Pat Austin blossoms.

Pat Austin

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