Farewell, My Sweets, For Another Year

We had our first light frost this morning, finally, and I believe that this will be the end of the freakishly long rose season this year.  It makes me glad that I went out on Saturday and took a bunch of photos of what was in bloom! 🙂 Eight different roses had blossoms for me, not bad for deep into the fall in New Jersey.  Photos of Double Delight, Fisherman's Friend, Gertrude Jekyll, Heritage, Pat Austin, Peace, Sweet Juliet, and Winchester Cathedral are on their respective pages, reached via the links embedded in this entry.  In addition, Louise Odier is putting on a nice show, not with flowers, but with beautiful orange hips.  Sweet Juliet was a great surprise as it hasn't bloomed since it's flush in the spring.  Here she is.

Sweet Juliet

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