“What’s Your Favorite?”

I suppose it’s something to do with human nature, but “What’s your favorite?” seems to be a question that I always encounter when discussing my hobbies, be it my toy trains or my roses. I usually answer with something on the order of “that’s like asking a father to choose a favorite child! I love them all!” But, at least as far as the roses are concerned, I have a confession to make. Wandering through the garden, taking photographs on a beautiful albeit cool and windy day, standing at Louise Odier and drinking in the intoxicating Old Rose perfume from the literally hundreds of blossoms on the bush, I came to the realization that this is my favorite rose. It’s a huge bush, it’s vigorous and healthy, it repeats reliably all throughout the season, and this first spring flush has to bring a smile to anyone no matter how down they might be. It asks for so little, water, a weekly spraying, and an occasional feeding, and gives so very much in return. Strange, that a rose that was bred in 1851 would be my favorite but there it is.

In other garden news 🙂 Heritage has begun to bloom and has had a photo of its first opening bud added to its page. Other rose photographic subjects today include yesterday’s surprise, Dr. Huey, Gertrude Jekyll, Pat Austin, Red Ribbons, Winchester Cathedral, and Zephirine Drouhin. Non-rose subjects include the Mock Orange, the Peony (which is now opening its buds to reveal its enormous and enormously scented flowers), and the Weigela, which is still in bloom after many weeks.

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