It’s Spring?

I was just outside in the garden checking to see what else has been fooled by the weather.  I've certainly been fooled — I was outside in my shirt sleeves as it's a very balmy 72 °F.  In central New Jersey.  On 6 January.  ::sigh::  Most of the bulbs and daylilies are coming up and most of the roses have broken bud.  If we should actually  happen to get a real winter between now and the real spring, I don't think the flora are going to be very happy.

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One Response to It’s Spring?

  1. Jimmy says:

    Nice Blog u got there – keep u this great work! I just bought a david austin rose "heritage".  Hope u could take more photos of this shrub.  would like to see what it looks like when it reaches maturity and whether u had any problems growing it. Thank.

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