Spring Has Sprung, The Grass Has Riz …

… and I know where the flowers is — they're in my garden! Smile A couple of eighty degree days have done wonders for the garden after everything was nigh unto drowned by nine inches of rain (!!!) in a little over twelve hours by the noreaster the weekend before last.  I've been accumulating photos for the last few days and have now posted them to the web site.  We have Anemones, Cherry Trees, Forsythia, Hosta, Hyacinths, Hydrangea, Pachysandra, Scilla, and Tulips, all going gangbusters!  The side yard is looking quite nice though it's getting to the point where I need to plant more tulip bulbs as many of those from the great 1998 planting have died off and I miss their colorful show.  I fertilized the grass and we have a brilliant green carpet throughout the garden.  That hasn't stopped me from overseeding where I thought it was needed.  The cherry trees bloomed literally overnight — from no open blossoms in the evening to full bloom the following day.  And, all of the roses have leafed out and we have our first rose bud!  Once again, it's Louise Odier who takes that honor!  Here it is.

2007 rosebud

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