So who is this ToyTrains1 character anyhow? Well, the name's Dave and I live in central New Jersey, just about a ten minute drive from where Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.   I had the house built about a dozen years or so ago on a corner plot of land so I have three yards and three gardens: front, side, and back.  Each has its own rose garden.  One of the things that attracted me to the site was the untouched existing landscaping all around the perimeter (as you can see in the many photos on my main gardening web site, Web Site of ToyTrains1 (Roses)) since the building site was originally the garden of the house next door. Having a back yard walled off by thirty foot tall arborvitae gives a sense of privacy that is most welcome in today's world.   It should go without saying that I enjoy gardening.  That's actually fairly strange; I grew up in New York City (Brooklyn to be precise) and was very good at killing anything green that was growing between the slabs of concrete!  🙂  Once I had the house and actually had a garden, I discovered that I not only liked gardening, I actually had a bit of a green thumb.  As you can see on my other web site (Web Site of ToyTrains1 (Trains)), I also enjoy O-Gauge and Standard Gauge toy trains as well as real trains.  The web sites actually started out at work more than ten years ago as a way of sharing photos of my roses with my coworkers (since I always brought in roses for folks to enjoy, they wanted to see photos of all the ones that I didn't bring in).  Someone at work suggested that I make it public. At first I laughed at the idea but then actually did it, first on a few of the free web hosts and then moved it to commercial web hosts as it grew.  Judging by the email that I receive (you can email me via links on my main web sites), people seem to like the photos that I take of the garden and the trains, so I've continued to this day, more than seven years after first making them public.  Enjoy!!  🙂

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  1. Tina says:

    Hi – Found your website while doing some research on skip laurels. The one you planted to replace the arborvitae that had to be removed because of the electric meter looks like it's thriving beautifully. May I ask, what kind of fertilizer (if any) do you use on it? Also, how frequently to you water it? I plan on planting skip laurels along my 140' fence line that is in part sun/part shade to replace the 22 arborvitaes that slowly died over 10 years. Your property is really a gorgeous labor of love. I'm glad I stumbled upon your site. You've given me some food for thought on my upcoming landscaping project. Thanks for your time.  Regards – Tina

  2. ToyTrains1 says:

    Thanks for the kind words.  I feed all of the plants (except the roses) monthly with Miracle Gro liquid food using the hose-end applicator.  The roses get the special rose food, mixed up in a 30 gallon trash can, 2 gallons per bush, also monthly.  The sprinkler system takes care of the watering.  July was very hot, August has been rather nice, but I've had the system watering every other day and things are still looking very nice.

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