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Roses In The Garden - 2005

For 2005, I had a total of 24 different roses growing in the garden.  Of those, 19 were planted in prior years and five were planted in 2005 (Falstaff, Peace, Showbiz, Sunbright, Tropicana).   Here's a photo gallery showcasing them in alphabetical order.  Mousing over the photo will display the name of the rose.  Clicking on the photo will take you to the page devoted to that rose.

Double Delight


Fisherman's Friend

Fragrant Cloud

Fragrant Lace

Garden Party -- did not bloom in 2005

Gertrude Jekyll

Graham Thomas



Louise Odier

Melody Parfumee

Moon Shadow

Pat Austin


Pierre de Ronsard

Queen Elizabeth

Red Ribbons



Sweet Juliet


Winchester Cathedral

Zephirine Drouhin

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