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L.D. Braithwaite

L.D. Braithwaite

This is the English shrub rose L. D. Braithwaite.  Again, sadly, the film does not do it justice.  The flower are deep crimson, fading to a vivid purple as they age, and are characterized by a mass of green stamens.  It has a very strong, damask fragrance, and is the thorniest rose that I have ever encountered.  L.D. Braithwaite has joined the roses blooming in 1999; this one bloomed on the underside of the arbor, in the shade of Golden Showers, and has faded (if that's the right word) to a beautiful purple.  The photo shows the actual color.

1999 LD Braithwaite

Given more sun, the blossoms have a much redder color.

1999 ld braithwaite

Last year (2000), L.D. Braithwaite produced no blossoms as it was in the shadow of the giant climbers, Golden Showers and Pierre de Ronsard, though it did have good foliage.  This year, what little foliage it produced quickly withered, and though I cut back the climbers to give it more sunlight, it never recovered, and I'm afraid that it has passed on.  Other than some of the mini roses over the years and Taboo (all of which were potted), this joins the original Chrysler Imperial standard (which couldn't take one of our worst winters in the last decade in its first year in the ground) as only the second rose that I've lost.  ::sigh::

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