Abraham Darby (S)(*)

Brigadoon (HT)(*)

Chicago Peace (HT)(*)

Chrysler Imperial (HT)(*)

Comte de Chambord (P)

Double Delight (HT)

Dr. Huey (LCl)

Electron (HT)(*)

Falstaff (S)

Fisherman's Friend (S)

Fragrant Cloud (HT))(*)

Fragrant Lace (HT)

French Perfume (HT)(*)

Garden Party (HT)

Gertrude Jekyll (S)

Golden Showers (LCl)(*)

Graham Thomas (S)

Heritage (S)

Lagerfeld (Gr)

L.D. Braithwaite (S)(*)

Louise Odier (B)

Madame Isaac Pereire (B)

Melody Parfumee (HT)

Mini Roses(*)

Moon Shadow (HT)(*)

Out of Yesteryear (S)(*)

Pat Austin (S)

Peace (HT)

Pierre de Ronsard (LCl)

Queen Elizabeth (Gr)

Red Ribbons (S)

Rose Sachet (HT)(*)

Sheer Bliss (HT)(*)

Shimmering Memory (HT)(*)

Showbiz (F)(*)

Smooth Satin (HT)

Smooth Velvet (HT)

Sunbright (HT)(*)

Sweet Juliet (S)

Taboo (HT)(*)

Touch of Class (HT)(*)

Tropicana (HT)

White Lightning (Gf)(*)

WinchesterCathedral (S)

Zephirine Drouhin (B)