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Introduction to the Rose Garden

Introduction to the Rose Garden

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a list of rose names.   Click on a name to display the photo(s) and information relating to that rose.  The abbreviations following the rose name indicate the rose type: (HT) = Hybrid Tea; (S) = Shrub; (LCl) = Large Flowered Climber; (Gr) = Grandiflora; (B) = Bourbon (Old Garden Rose); (P) = Portland (Old Garden Rose); (*) = deceased.

I've begun to keep a journal about the roses and the garden.  You can peruse it at the following link.

ToyTrains1's Garden Journal

Before I kept the Garden Journal, I had a page of news about the roses:

ToyTrains1's Rose News

If you'd like, you can leave me a comment about the web site by signing my Guest Book

If you prefer to choose roses to view by photo instead of by name, click on the following link:

Roses by Photo

A page showing all of the roses that I have growing in my garden in any given year can be reached via the following links:

Roses in the Garden - 2011

Roses in the Garden - 2010

Roses in the Garden - 2009

Roses in the Garden - 2008

Roses in the Garden - 2007

Roses in the Garden - 2006

Roses in the Garden - 2005

There are a number of web sites that I enjoy visiting; I think you might like them too!  The following link will take you to my page of Rose Links.

ToyTrains1's Rose Links

Over the years, I've built up a small collection of rose books.  The following link will display the contents of my collection.  It's in .PDF format.

ToyTrains1's Rose Library

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