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This is the hybrid tea rose Taboo.  It is the only large rose that I am currently growing in a pot (I had no room for it in the rose bed), and it seems to be doing fine.  It produces very deep red roses, with a mild fragrance.  The bud, as it opens, almost looks black.  For 1999, Taboo has managed to produce only a single bud.  I don't know that it's terribly happy in it's pot.  I may well repot it into a larger container, heavily prune and fertilize, and see if that doesn't revive it.

1999 taboo

Taboo never seemed really happy during 1999 despite the care it received, and though the recent winter wasn't at all severe, Taboo did not survive.  This past weekend, I removed the remains (it was not at all root-bound as I had though it might be) and replanted the pot with Touch of Class.

Last Updated: 08 Jan 2015

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